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Where’s Your Donor Friction?

Nathan Pryor is the type of donor every organization would love to have. Nathan became increasingly upset with recent political activity, so he looked to channel his anger into something good: Donating to the ACLU. But Nathan was getting frustrated often, and he didn’t want to spend all his time filling out donor forms. So he took things into his own hands.

Enter the Amazon Dash button. For those unfamiliar, the Dash button allows for easy ordering of items you frequently use. Out of laundry detergent? Just hit the button and it’s paid for and on its way from Amazon. While available for many consumer products, there’s also a “hackable” version that can be customized. Nathan bought it and wrote a program that would send a $5 donation to the ACLU at the push of a button. He even created a custom label!

This story raises two important questions: 1) When was the last time you walked through your giving process with a donor and 2) why does giving on your website require so much more effort than making a purchase on Amazon? Just because your organization is a nonprofit, donors don’t necessarily lower their expectations.

Nathan reduced the friction involved in giving in two important ways. First, he eliminated the need to fill out a donor form, enter credit card info, etc. Donors are often lost between filling out these forms and actually making a gift. Like iTunes or Amazon, one click is all that was needed.

Second, he eliminated the space between wanting to make a gift and actually being able to do so. The second he saw news that upset him, a gift could be on its way. How many potential donors might be moved by your mission and motivated to give, but aren’t next to a computer (or worse, a printer) and able to immediately act on that motivation?

Although a Dash button might not be the answer for everyone, this story provides a good point of reflection: What are the friction points between someone connecting with your mission and actually making a gift? Taking inventory of your donor’s journey, and points where they might be hindered, is the first step in creating a more Amazon-like experience for your supporters.

Shocking Statistic: 34 percent of organizations require FOUR or more clicks to make a donation. (Dunham+Company)

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