Electrifying Results: Fundraising Insights to Move the Needle for Your Nonprofit

The Campaign: What’s Your Vision?

Photo by Robbie Shade

Photo by Robbie Shade

It’s time to raise some money. It sounds easy enough. You just need the right list of donors and you’re off, right?

Sort of. You’ll also need a plan, unending passion, a huge helping of persistence and committed volunteers and staff to make it all happen. If you are contemplating starting a campaign, step back for a moment to map out a plan that will lead you to success.

You will need a clear vision, mission and plan before you raise a dime.

Before you begin any campaign, you must know who your organization is and understand your organization’s vision and mission. Only when your vision and mission are clear to those most intimately involved can you share this information with others in a way that will ensure their financial support. People will not give to you just because you ask them. They must know you to love you.

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