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What’s the Best Use of My Donation?

What's the Best Use of My Donation?

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Donors have asked us how they can decide the best use of their donations when they get so many worthy asks. It really depends on the personality of the donor, so what does this mean from a nonprofit’s perspective?

Put yourself in the donor’s shoes. What information would you need to evaluate your choices? Is it important the organization is fiscally responsible? Is it important the organization has served X number of children, adults or families? Is it important the organization is meeting a unique need no one else has met? Is it important the organization can share how far a $100 donation will go?

Donors, unlike grant makers, don’t always have a specific set of criteria in mind when making philanthropic decisions. Anticipating the type of information they may want when evaluating their giving decisions and having that information available in a concise and easy-to-read format will certainly boost your chances of getting a gift.

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