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Training Fundraising Volunteers to Avoid Call Aversion

Training Fundraising Volunteers

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We discussed call aversion in previous posts. This refers to the inability to make personal contact with potential givers. Volunteers are the group most prone to this because they don’t make donor calls every day like professional fundraising staff. If you are a fundraising professional who oversees a number of volunteers, proper training can lessen or even eliminate call aversion. Include a section on call aversion during the scheduled volunteer training session.

Begin your training by clearly outlining the goals and objectives of the campaign. Don’t assume volunteers have the same motivation you do for the campaign. This is the time to create some passion for the cause. Set an example for them by being enthusiastic yourself.

Provide volunteers with a timeline and job description. Most importantly, make sure they understand what is required of them.

We have discussed four different types of call aversion. In addition to covering these types of call aversion and how to deal with them with your volunteers, conduct some role-playing exercises. These sessions can include worst-case scenarios followed by discussion on how best to handle the situations. Role-playing can be a great confidence booster for volunteers and also helps you determine areas where volunteers may need more training.

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