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Tips on Going Live with Facebook

Tips on Going Live with FacebookWhen it comes to telling the story of your organization, few, if any, mediums are able to capture emotion and impact the way video does. While there will always be a place for professionally produced videos, new channels like Facebook Live provide a more informal option for communicating with supporters.

Facebook Live can give supporters and fans a more immediate, in-the-moment, snapshot of what is happening with your organization. It could be a short thank you for a special gift, the announcement of a fundraising milestone or an update on construction progress. Even outside of fundraising, Facebook Live can be used to give your followers a “behind-the-scenes look” at your organization or utilized for a Q&A around a new program or event. Here are a few tips for getting started with Facebook Live:

  • Have a plan.

Even though the benefit of Facebook Live is spontaneity and being in the moment, you don’t want to completely wing it, especially if you are interviewing someone. Be sure interviewees are aware of discussion topics beforehand so they are able to think about their responses.

  • Do a test-run.

If you’re planning to use Facebook Live for a big event, like a press conference or campaign kickoff, consider testing a different broadcast beforehand. Like any new technology, there’s always a bit of a learning curve, so work the kinks out before your bigger event. Facebook offers some tips for nonprofits here.

  • Promote.

Don’t forget to tell your followers about your planned live event in the weeks and days prior to it. Just like networks need to promote sitcoms and football games, you need to remind people when your event is and why they should tune in.

If you’re set up to accept donations through Facebook, you can also add a donate button to your live video stream (instructions here). So start brainstorming opportunities to share your story with a live video. Look at what you post regularly to Facebook and find places where you could share a video message versus just text.

Shocking Statistic: According to Facebook, live videos are viewed 3 times longer than non-live videos.

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