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Staying in Touch with Volunteers During Donor Calls

Staying in Touch

Photo by Nomadic Lass

Initial volunteer training is essential for a successful campaign. An important part of this training should be initiating donor calls. When it comes to this area, once the initial volunteer training session is over, be sure to stay in touch with your volunteers until all the calls are completed. This gives them an opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have and allows you to address any small problems before they become bigger ones.

For those volunteers who have more difficulty than others in overcoming call aversion (the inability to make personal contact with potential givers), let them accompany you while you make calls. By joining you on calls, they will observe you and gain confidence in their ability. Remember to give credit to your volunteers when they stare call aversion in the face and make contact with potential donors—positive reinforcement is another confidence booster.

Nurturing your volunteers any way you can ultimately result in a successful campaign.

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