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Seven Uses for a Case Statement

Photo by David Amsler

Photo by David Amsler

A case statement is be a very influential piece of your fund development program. When writing your case statement, keep in mind that a carefully conceived, well-developed statement of your vision and need will assure that your organization is moving in the right direction. A case statement can:

  • Secure agreement, understanding and commitment among your primary leaders and board members—building total dedication to the cause and a precise focus of the institution’s objectives and long-range goals
  • Provide direction and a defined strategy for how to most effectively present your vision and your case to your primary constituents
  • Inform leaders and workers of your program and your dreams—and demonstrate how the success of the endeavor will work to the immense benefit of those you serve
  • Enlist new leaders to your cause in sufficient numbers and at the proper level to win the effort
  • Develop an early working document and cultivation piece for prospective major donors
  • Create a document that helps others endorse and share your vision—and accept greater responsibility of identifying with your mission
  • Have a source book to guide the writing of subsequent publications, articles, foundation proposals and videotaped presentations

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