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Selecting and Keeping Good Volunteer Leaders

Selecting and Keeping Good Volunteer Leaders

Photo by DFID

As anyone who’s been associated with a less-than-stellar fundraising campaign can attest, your campaign is only as successful as its leaders.

Look at the volunteer selection process as if you were starting a small company, hiring the necessary “supervisors” and “employees” who have their own responsibilities and tasked to help make the “company” run smoothly. Matching skills to responsibilities becomes critical to the overall success of the organization.

Some companies experience problems when a person who is better suited to work in the accounting department is placed in the human resources or research and development department. Your campaign’s fundraising success depends on—to a great extent—matching the right volunteer leader to the right job.

More importantly, though, you have to have the right CEO or company president on board before any hiring can begin. You don’t want someone experienced only in technology, for example, to run a bank. The process is the same when selecting people to lead your fundraising campaign. You need to find the right fit.

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