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Public Relations in Fundraising Campaigns

Public Relations can play a large role in fundraising and should be considered in each step of your campaign planning process. Combining PR counsel with your fundraising consulting is a terrific way to add value.

As part of a full-service marketing and fundraising firm, AMPERAGE has an experienced public relations and crisis communication team that assists fundraising counsel in campaigns. This includes support for campaign kick-offs, groundbreakings and celebration events, as well as crisis communication and campaign messaging that is consistent across all campaign collateral and marketing material.

In one, seven-day period last month, the AMPERAGE PR team helped generate at least 10 stories or news shows featuring three different client campaigns at various stages.

During a campaign, public relations can reinforce your organization’s messaging and fundraising needs. The more people who know you, the more people who will give and volunteer. A public relations plan can determine how to communicate to targeted audiences on the correct media platforms at different stages of the campaign. Is it a multi-media release announcing your campaign kick-off? A client testimonial in a social media post or as a guest column in the local newspaper? A public affairs TV and radio program to showcase your organization’s mission and needs?

PR collageAt the end of the campaign, public relations efforts should continue to keep your organization top-of-mind in the community. Include public relations strategies in your annual fund calendar. This may include a timeline of when to update client success stories on your website, provide special edition features to e-newsletters or pitching milestone successes.

No one expects a crisis to occur, but emergencies happen. The previous year has proven a crisis can occur beyond an organizations’ control, whether it’s a pandemic, natural disasters, economic despair or a leadership change. Having a crisis communication plan will help you be more prepared to communicate the right messages quickly to the correct audiences using the most effective channels — all while keeping your fundraising efforts at the forefront of the message.

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