Meth-Wick Community


Meth-Wick Community (MWC) has provided a comfortable style of living for seniors in the Cedar Rapids area since 1961. The MWC campus has evolved over the years, from one traditional retirement home to a variety of residential building styles in response to the changing needs of residents.

Recent studies have shown that today’s seniors want, and thrive in, an active lifestyle. As MWC grew in residential units, a need arose for additional common areas for residents to gain easy access to healthcare, mental and physical wellness activities and social gathering places.


Build a new campus hub, the Meth-Wick Town Center, to bring residents together to enjoy life, continue learning and pursue an active lifestyle right where they live.


In August 2007, Amperage Fundraising Advisers completed a feasibility study that recommended MWC conduct a $2.5 million Phase I fundraising campaign. Interviews with 41 of the community’s most influential people confirmed the strong reputation of the staff, the high quality of care and the need for updating and adding community areas for residents.

Amperage designed the unique campaign logo and theme to represent the attitudes of the residents to “Live. Laugh. Learn.” Amperage partnered with Meth-Wick staff and campaign volunteers every step of the way by:

  • Creating a DVD to tell the campaign story in a powerful, visual way
  • Integrating the theme, design and messaging in all collateral pieces and donor and vendor letters
  • Training and coaching staff and volunteer committee
  • Setting strategic direction
  • Developing grassroots participation by all residents

The leadership gift phase moved quickly in early 2008, only to feel the challenge of a 500-year flood that affected major parts of Cedar Rapids and the surrounding area. Community recovery became everyone’s focus as the floodwaters rose into many city buildings, businesses and thousands of homes, including MWC employees’ homes.

Although just one MWC building was threatened by floodwaters, Amperage and the campaign committee temporarily put a hold on our activities. The city needed to begin the healing process. Three months later we reorganized the volunteers and refocused the campaign.

The new strategy generated electrifying results and the campaign goal was met in March 2009. Amperage was there to help organize the press conference and ground breaking ceremony.


MWC successfully completed the capital campaign, raising more than $2.77 million. Phase I of the Town Center opened in May 2010, to everyone’s excitement.

“In my wildest dreams, I never realized how very effective it was going to be for all of us,” one resident said. “I’ve just been to the podiatrist’s office and he appreciates the doctor’s office” within the Town Center.

Another resident said, “It has exercise bicycles, fitness machines and everything we could possibly need. We can do our exercise right here on the Meth-Wick campus.”


Robin Mixdorf, Meth-Wick’s president and CEO, recalls during the early campaigning, “We were excited. A lot of people had Meth-Wick in their hearts. With Amperage’s guidance we just gave them an opportunity to make the Town Center a reality.”

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