Electrifying Results: Fundraising Insights to Move the Needle for Your Nonprofit

Nurturing Involvement In Volunteers

Selecting the right leader is an important first step in volunteer management, but keeping volunteers excited and involved is key to a campaign’s success. Find out as much as you can about your volunteers, including organizations they belong to, interests and hobbies, their immediate family’s interests and social affiliations and their all-important link to your organization. Gathering information about your volunteer leaders can save you time and perhaps embarrassment in the long run.

In addition to tailoring your volunteers’ talents to your fundraising goals and objectives, finding out what excites your volunteers also helps you create relationships with them.

Once you’ve selected your volunteer leaders, plan enough time to talk with them about the campaign and its objectives. Discuss what their responsibilities will be and what you expect of them. Let them ask questions and be honest about the time commitment involved in the fundraising process. Nurture their involvement. Your investment of time with them throughout the campaign will ensure your volunteer leaders’ commitment of their time to your campaign.

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