Electrifying Results: Fundraising Insights to Move the Needle for Your Nonprofit

Never Fear, Branding is Here!

Ampman-01There are more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the United States, according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics. One of the goals of each of those is to raise money for their organization to carry out their mission. How do you effectively compete for the same charitable dollars as 1.5 million other nonprofit organizations and receive favor? With branding.

Branding, essentially, is building your organization’s identity, which includes tailoring your message in such a way that the audience has your organization first in their minds. Make sure the organization’s message is focused on your donors and not the organization. This is key because different things motivate different donors for different reasons. The same applies to messaging. So where does one begin?

Visual Branding

  1. The brand name should encompass the brand’s message
  2. The logo should purposefully tie into the organization’s name and the purpose of your organization. When people see your logo, it should immediately link them to your organization
  3. Create a tagline that embodies your organization’s mission and is unique to your organization

Brand credibility can be established by tying all three together.

Brand Loyalty Development

  1. Make sure donors can associate your brand with a positive experience. Constantly cultivate and maintain relationships because that’s what will make your organization thrive
  2. Be sure to be clear about where donor dollars are going. People like to know they fed a local family, as opposed to hearing their dollars went to feeding the hungry
  3. Remember that a donor who gives once is not chained to your organization. Treat them like you treat your friends. If that means contacting them on their birthday, taking them out for lunch to say thank you or writing them a hand-written card, do it

And while branding certainly includes an appropriate name, logo and look, the end goal is to create loyalty between you and your donors with the ultimate goal of them choosing to support your organization over all of the other 1.5 million organizations out there.

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