Electrifying Results: Fundraising Insights to Move the Needle for Your Nonprofit

Motivating Your Volunteer Leaders

Volunteer leaders are an important part of a successful volunteer effort. More importantly, motivating and inspiring passion in leaders is key to getting volunteers involved.

“Top leadership should be excited and exciting” wrote Ken E. Dove in “Conducting a Successful Capital Campaign.” If your top leaders aren’t excited about your campaign, you can’t expect them to get anyone else to be either.

Here are a few tips to motivate volunteer leaders, increase their productivity and reduce turnover:

Be organized, show appreciation and provide a positive experience

  • Make their experience meaningful and don’t take their commitment for granted
  • Remember they are volunteering their most valuable possession—time
  • Provide them with as much training as they need or request

Fundraising is all about relationships—people give to people, not just to causes. Before they give to your campaign, they have to know and trust you. That holds true for recruiting excellent leaders. Volunteers need to know you and your cause. Trust leads to commitment and committed leaders are the key to success. The more time you spend recruiting leaders and nurturing leadership, the more successful your campaign will be.

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