Electrifying Results: Fundraising Insights to Move the Needle for Your Nonprofit

Making the Case for Support. . .For You

In continuing our conversation on marketing, we want to share our insights on building a case for your development and marketing budget. Rest assured it’s not rocket science. In fact, the process is very similar to how you go about developing a case for support for your annual fund or capital campaign.

  1. Sit down with your CEO and other key staff or board members to conduct a SPOT analysis of your organization. Your organization’s strengths, problems (or weaknesses), opportunities and threats will serve as a basis for building your case.
  2. Explain how you propose to solve your problems, lessen your threats, take advantage of your opportunities and utilize your strengths. There may be many ways to do this. What development and marketing efforts are best for accomplishing your goal? Which solutions will provide the greatest benefit to your organization?
  3. Share your long-range goal. How does addressing these issues through proper development and marketing initiatives today support your strategic plan, further your mission and position your organization for future success?
  4. Include the amount and type of support needed to accomplish the vision. You may be seeking a monetary budget number. Or you may require some of your CEO’s time on a regular basis to accomplish your goals. Whatever is needed to accomplish the goal should be put in writing.
  5. Get buy-in. Present your case to your CEO. Ask for his or her support and enlist him or her to help you gain support from your board of directors.

Just as with a major gift ask, you may not get everything you want every time, but your chances of success significantly increase with a solid case for support.

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