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The Lunch and Learn

The Lunch and Learn

Photo by Heidi Dietrich.

Most of us have slept through, excuse me, sat through a lunch and learn at some time in our life. Having just participated in a phenomenal lunch and learn presentation at an area nonprofit, I wanted to share a few insights on what made the lunch and learn so great.

  • It was a small group of nine, including the organization’s community relation’s director who gave the presentation. The group was intimate and allowed the director to answer questions as they were asked.
  • In true camaraderie, our group of nine shared a delicious casserole and loaf of pumpkin bread with bottled water. Total cost was likely less than $30.
  • During the ice breaker exercise, guests were asked to introduce themselves and share why they came.
  • Though it was a small group and a small room, the director stood—speaking with infectious enthusiasm and energy.
  • There was a PowerPoint presentation with accompanying handouts for guests to take notes and take home. The PowerPoint presentation was not working properly, but the director rarely peaked at her own notes, which made the overall presentation that much more impressive.
  • The director ended the presentation with a group activity. She awarded a bag of M&Ms to the winner and asked everyone to share the name of one person who should be invited to an upcoming lunch and learn.
  • Following the presentation, everyone was thanked for coming and given the opportunity to stay for a brief tour of the facility, after which they were thanked again.

For roughly $30 a month, this organization is acquiring approximately nine new advocates and/or donors for its cause, while identifying an additional nine or more prospective advocates and/or donors. My congratulations on a job well done. I’ve already made my first pledge.

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