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Handling Objections

Handling Objections

Photo by Brian Turner.

At some point during your tenure in development, you’ll run across an objection. Knowing how to react and counter those objections will significantly increase the support you are able to secure for your organization. Consider the following:

If you hear, “That’s a lot of money” or “That’s too much money for me to give,” wait for the next comment. It could be “But I suppose I could give to that!” Be ready to negotiate. “Yes, that is a very generous investment, but remember it can be spread over a period of five years or more.” Emphasize the impact and what’s in it for the donor(s).

If you hear, “My children are in college and money is tight” or “I have already made commitments elsewhere and money is tight,” respond that you understand and note that the campaign is ongoing. The donor(s) could consider paying a pledge in installments beginning a couple years down the road.

One of our co-chairs had a prospect complain that “I just paid $25,000 in property taxes, so that is the extent of my gift” to a tax-supported hospital, but the sentiment can be extended to libraries, fire stations, schools, police stations, community buildings and the like. The co-chair answered with two points. “We are enjoying the medical center because our parents and grandparents made it possible, and we need to make sure future generations have the same benefits along with updated technologies.” The second point was, “I paid a lot of tuition to my college back when I was a student; I have enjoyed many benefits from this degree and enjoy giving back to the university in appreciation for the education I received then.”

These are just a few of the common objections we hear frequently. You may have your own set of common objections at your organization. The point is, if you prepare yourself to answer these objections, your likelihood of receiving a gift from the donor(s) increases.

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