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Dealing with Call Aversion

Continuing our conversation on call aversion, today’s post gives suggestions on how to deal with this obstacle.

Call aversion happens to everybody, but it doesn’t have to keep you from making those calls.

First, think of the last time you experienced call aversion. Create a mental movie of how you felt. The next time you feel those same emotions, detach yourself by watching your “movie.”

Second, do something physical when you first experience those emotions. Stand up and walk around your office. Say out loud what you are thinking.

Third, substitute a negative experience with a positive one. Recall a successful phone call, how easy it seemed at the time and how good it made you feel.

Finally, give yourself a reward after every call, even if you didn’t connect with the potential donor. Your reward can be anything—from a cup of coffee to a piece of candy. The reward will reinforce your call and increase the likelihood of making another.

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